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[Postcrossing]Where to get pretty postcard in Melbourne (2)

Following up on my last entry of Mission: finding postcards in Melbourne...

Like I said before, Melbourne is a really hard place to get pretty postcards (Cards are easier, but really not Postcards). So I'm going to reveal more places / hide-outs where you can satisfy your desires for Postcrossing and collections.

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We really can't go without Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts...
It is really my favourite! Five stars out of Five stars!!

* 26 Acland Street, St Kilda 3182

Being the venue for Melbourne Annual Linden Postcard Show, the Centre also sells postcards printed from past and present exhibitions' entry, at the attractive price of $1 each. They are authentic local designer cards that smell the aurora of Melbourne!

And.. pay attention to the Date of the Postcard Show as well! It really can be ANYTIME of the year (2014 at Oct, but 2013 at March.. hehe). That would be discounts on the cards - buy one get one free in 2014!!

 photo IMG_3555.jpg

Buying your postcard online: Zazzle.com.au

My brother insists if you don't want to buy tourist card, your best bet is online. This statement is about 50% true in Melbourne. When I first began postcrossing, my instinct is also to start looking on the net (not many physical shops would come across you mind LOL).

Zazzle is an online retailer that allows users to upload images and create their own merchandise, or buy merchandise created by other users... (for more, check wiki). There are around 15000+ postcard items by now (LINK here), and if you search 'Australia' related product , 9000+ appeared (Wow!).

Prices are about one to two dollars each, shipping in Australia will cost you about $5.00.

 photo zzazzkeep.png

Comments: A bit more expensive than cards you can get from shops (Tourist cards in City are about 70cents to 1dollar each, Penguin 100 postcard set is $29 for one pack). However, I cannot deny that most of them can't be found in anywhere else. Quality are averagely great, except there are bound to be a few stupid ones (not all image uploaders are talented photographers LOL)

My friend Kelly reminded me bookdepository.com (on 24 Jan 2015) also sells postcard sets.

Ooops... almost forgot this site (Haha!)

Lovely free shipping around the world, it has around 1000+ postcard related items - just search 'postcards' then filter it with 'stationary', you will see plenty of items.

Comments: Wonderful place to shop, it has basically everything you can get from Melbourne's local bookshops but prices are about 20% cheaper. So if you are thinking getting something from book stores, check this site first. (I got my 100 Jane Austen Set for $25.20 /Dymock price $29.99, and Secret Garden: 20 Postcards for $11.70 /Dymock price $19.00).

The problem is most card products from the BOOKDEPOSITORY have no detail images, which means buyer can only see the front cover but not how each cards looks like (Amazon does!) So I really need to spend some time google~ing.

Melbourne Zoo and Vic Market

If you wonder whether tourist attractions and special venues (eg. National Gallery, Melbourne Museum or Sea-Life Aquarium) have great cards, I can tell you that's not a lot of them. Most only have very tiny range, and similar substitutes can be found in Souvenir Shops in CBD.

Melbourne Zoo only sells FOUR varities of postcards - all animals (Snow Leopard, Koala, Mongoose, and I forgot the last one, maybe wombat), and they are only available in-zoo, which means you can't even purchase via the online shop (Haha!).

So you can debate internally about whether paying $30 admission (Adult price) is worthy to just get a few $1.00 cards.

Comment: ...yes, I have done that! The snow leopard card is utterly, utterly irresistibly cute!

 photo postzzshoprf.jpeg

Queen-Victoria Market is another spots that not good enough to get excited over, but not bad enough to forego without regret. Last time I visited (Nov 2014), there are only two shops have what we are looking for.
Both selling home-made designer cards, both belong to the expensive range. ($3-6 each)
 photo vicmqarketcarde.png

IL PAPIRO: Florentine Paper Merchant
* Shop 5 Degraves st,  Melbourne 3000

It has a relatively small collection called 'Australiana Cards' that is visible online. These are the most expensive cards I have brought, but then, no real card-lovers would be able to resist the temptation of such exquisite cards with traditional fine printing methods.

I went to Chadstone in another day and found two shops that shine out.

Card & Caboodle *Shop B 136A, Chadstone Shopping Centre (Downstair)

KAISERCRAFT *Shop B092, Chadstone Shopping Centre

For Card & Caboodle, I saw 5-6 different prints of Melbourne city-view card in-store. Their online store got a few more options, but I didn't see them in store at all.

KaiserCraft does not outrightly deal with any postcard, yet they sell journal cards with amazing patterns, which are in right sizes and rigid enough to pass as postcards. Moreover, they also sell wooden envelope templates that help you carve out paper envelope from colourful paper you choose! (if your postcrossing partner request an envelope)

And Finally......

AVANT Cards and their venues: where you can get free cards.

Avant Card: Postcard Printing and National Distribution is an media campiagn company who helps organisation to distribute their ad-cards. Well, I am not telling you to be their customer, I am saying it is a great chance for freebies!

Because AVANT not only circulates ad-cards for commercial purpose, it also prints art cards for arising artists and education cards for schools (for free! amazing!!). Those are available in public venues such as cafes, cinemas and libraries. I happened to pick up a few free AVANT art cards from Prahran Market corner and they remain my favourite all-time!

Download their National Venue Network List to see which place is close to you.

That's about everything I got on hand at the moment. I will keep updating this post later when I found another great shop. Again, like I said before, I'm never an expert of all suburbs, so please leave me a comment if you want to share a postcard shop you love!


[Postcrossing]Where to get pretty postcard in Melbourne (1)


This post is for the beginner of Postcrossing - about where to get pretty/ beautiful / unique postcards in Melbourne, Australia.

       photo pccicon.png
     【Homepage: Postcrossing】

Quite different from most European countries, which you can just pop into a book shop and check out many of unique designer cards, Melbourne postcard ranges seem quite narrowed and mostly limited to Tourist/Traveller cards.

So I did a little adventure: I just expedited different suburbs and checked out various shops to see what I can possibly find.

Let's start with the usual options - Souvenir shops.

Many Postcrossers favoured City-view / Night-view / Country Maps / Landscape / Architects / Special-shape or Animals postcards. Their wishes can be easily fulfilled by visiting local souvenir shops. (In fact, many postcrossers told me Australian city-skyline cards are not something you will get everyday LOL)

There are many Souvenir Shop for Tourists in Melbourne CBD area. Along Swanston Street, there are already five or six of them, including:
... but hey! Those are not all! Don't miss the other two great shops in CBD (although I would say their locations are not as visible as the others). They have a slightly more uncommon collections.

Gift and Shell, Shop 6, Ground, 300 Flinders Street (next to University Arcade)
Traveller Souvenir and Luggage, 40 Elizabeth Street

Comment: My brother said 'Souvenir shops are probably still selling postcards from 10 years before', but my observation is otherwise. True, they will recycle some 'popular ones'... however, the majority will get new stocks every one~two months. So it is worthy to run regular check-up in City. You might find some really flashy.

That's always more in the City - Melbourne Visitor Centre

I'm a little embarrassed to say, only after two months I started Postcrossing did I realize they sell postcards at Visitor Centre LOL. Mainly toursit cards, they also have postcards of Australian celebrities and famous historical personnel such as Ned Kelly.

Comment: Get Free Ads Cards from the Visitor Centre! On the wall of the far-side, there are heaps of ad cards (events, festivals, concerts and activites etc.) and they don't cost you a cent. Some of them are supremely artistic and would really appeal to those who targeted old ads cards! 

Then we have (very close by) The Melbourne City Gallery (Melbourne Town Hall)
  • Ground floor, 110 Swanston Street

The small free gallery not only have a small gallery exhibiting artworks of Melbourne city lifes, it also runs a little postcard stall in the front (Price: $1 each).

All postcards are in 'Old Photo-Style" - According to the small prints behind the cards, those are "one of a series from images of the City of Melbourne's Art and Heritage Collection. This collection of over 7000 artworks and historic media is an eclectic and endlessly fascinating record of Council and the it serves."

So vinatge photo, old news images, and black-and-white picture from 1900s... you have a wide range of options.

Profits from those postacrds are also going toward the conservation and maintenance of the City of Melbourne's Collection.

Our (and your) Local Post Offices:

Post Offices has all sorts of postcard, from ordinary tourist cards to stamp-theme Maxicard cards. My favourite are so far the 'Set of 6 Christmas 2014 maxicard' and 'Southern Lights (Aurora Australis)'.

You can also order cards through Post Online shop https://shop.auspost.com.au/. I have tried to order online twice now. After you created an online account and paid by credit card, it takes 2-3 business days to process the order, and up to 5 days to delivery (no shipping cost within Australia).

It is quite intriguing to see many online items are not-for-sale in Post Office (maybe they are old stocks?). Sometimes they will also sell single card from a Maxi-Set.

Comment: So, there are something you ought to know about Maxicard....
  • Point-scoring: Maxicards include postage - just $1.80 each and you can send them to anywhere in the world. Compared to $2.75 to Europe and US, or $1.95 to Asian-Pacific (dated Jan 2015), that's a bit of saving considered the number of cards you sent each year.
  • No-No's: Maxicard are slow - I have been experimenting with AustPost Maxicard. So far I have sent about 10 of them, and all DOUBLE or even triple the traveling time of my other cards.
    (regular card to Germany: 17-19 days; Maxicard: 50 days)
    (regular card to China: 28-30 days; Maxicard: 67 days)
    Besides, some Post do not sell a particular set or do not sell individual cards. So it is a bit annoying if you do not wish to get a whole set. (I would order online if I can't find one)

Newsagency ...

Not all newsagency sell postcards, but I still like to check out different newsagencies though.

You can find left-over stocks from many years before (dust-covered, truly vintage cards LOL), which makes it interesting and unique. Some agencies also put up cards that filmed and printed by locals on the shelves -  they are most places of local interest in a community that may not be even known by people who don't live here.

So... the question remains on... where to find them?

I actually have an answer for it. After scouting different suburbs in many weekends, there are apparantly some area that has more newsagencies that sell (wider range and prettier) postcard.

Try those: Fitzroy, Abbotsford, Richmond, South Yarra, Toorak, Prahran, Windsor and St Kilda

 photo pp_maprfcbpw.png

Finally, Bookshops...

Book shops and newsagency are just the same, not all of them have postcards you wanted. It is all depended on suburbs and area.

Dymocks that has a good collection (verified Jan 2015)
  1. Knox City (Westfield) store - best collection I have found, many interesting postcard booklets and varied prices.
  2. 234 Collin Street (City) store - Mainly selling the 100 postcard series from Penguin Publication  (eg. One Hundred Writers in One Box, 100 Cookery Postcard, 100 Postcard of Jane Austin). Please noticed, except in the LETTER and CARD section, there are postcard sets in the GIFT section as well.
  3. Prahran store - selling many single card which I haven't found in anywhere else.

That's another book shop I personally want to recommand: Jeffreys Books
  • 140 Glenferrie Road, Malvern
 photo pp_jsbkbko1.jpg

The collections are definitely exceptional. It is the first time I saw shops selling Star War postcard. More importantly, the prices of card set are slightly lower than its competitor by few dollars.

PS. hints: you can find few book stores along Glenferrie Road - Remember, check the price of the item before you paid. Some are really priced as high as a joke!

I am going to write another blog entry later about Where to get pretty postcard in Melbourne (2), which I'm going to reveal other hidden spots in Melbourne. (在墨爾本哪裡可以買漂亮的明信片?)

Meanwhile, if you have known any impressive shops selling Postcard in Melbourne or Victoria, please post a commect below so I can update my post!

2012年5月9日 星期三







當今史萊姆類型生物,起源於1931年的恐怖小說《在瘋狂山上》(At the Mountains of Madness,BY H.P.洛夫克拉夫),主角在南極的地底下發現一種原生質狀的合成生物,名為「修可思」(Shoggoth),其顏色漆黑而且能隨意改變外形。

然後另一位恐怖小說作家約瑟夫·布倫南(Joseph Payne Brennan),在1953年名為《史萊姆Slime》的短篇小說中,首次以「史萊姆」為不定形生物命名,其後不定形生物成為科幻故事中常見的題材。

1958年史萊姆首次以影像出現:電影《幽浮魔點》The Blob中,「史萊姆」為出現一種來自外太空的紅色阿米巴蟲,此時期的史萊姆大多被描述為來路不明、且食慾無窮的恐怖生物。



2005年--Chronic Logic LLC公司推出以「史萊姆」為主角的遊戲「史萊姆救美記」,講述一隻叫 "吉水" 的史萊姆拯救被擄走的女朋友,雖然是風格迴異的遊戲,但從 "吉水" 可作出的動作--伸出芒刺、黏付天花板及牆壁行走、改變形狀滑過狹窄通道、變硬壓碎敵人等等來看,「史萊姆」的形象已經深入民心。

史萊姆是不存在於現實的生物,可是一般都被認為是以原生生物「黏菌 (Slime molds)」為幻想基礎的。







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閃光節腦抽系列 ☆゜ ゜( ∀ )!?




L□∨Ε...φ( ̄▽ ̄*)ポッ -------○( `▽´)っ ○( ^皿^)っ Let's Rock & Roll♪ (ノ∀`●)⊃

這個盛大的腦抽是由Identity Crisis開始的XD

沒錯,就是眾所周知的Cyber Formula SAGA的主題曲。
雖然我更喜歡SIN的PRAY 聽歌固然是重點,不過問題是我聽歌的場所是在水管上,

鐵人28耶!! ( ゚д゚)ンマッ!!!!!!!!




但是卻對 學校變成基地的畫面/他們班叫地球防衛組/作戰司令(即班長)是女生 這幾點非常有印象。

既然之前那首有印象的話,那1993年的 熱血最強ゴウザウラー 就更加有記得清楚了




勇者特急マイトガイン ワッショイヽ(゜∀゜)メ(゜∀゜)メ(゜∀゜)ノワッショイ

不不不、OP我只是順手貼的,ED這首BLACK DIAMOND才是我的王道啊!!!






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